Real Estate Tours

Virtual Home Real Estate Tours

Be a virtual real estate tour guide directing prospects through your home or real estate while describing square footage, room sizes, upgrades … all the important details that will help sell your home.

Whether you plan to ‘sell by owner’ or use a Realtor, potential buyers will benefit by learning those important, overlooked details only you can provide, simply by scanning photos of your home. Use your own voice-over or be on camera using cue cards. For an additional charge, we have professional models / tour guides / voiceover artists with subtle background music. Either way will greatly improve the probability of your home sale.

Presentation will be on Digital Video Disk (DVD) format or, for an additional charge,  we can stream or webcast your tour to an MLP web site.

Virtual tour of your commercial building or industry

Virtual Industrial Plant Tours

Save clients/prospects time and money by providing them with a Virtual Industrial Plant Tour! Save money on airline tickets, hotel rooms, travel and entertainment accommodations!

In addition to visually displaying your facility’s latest up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment, you can show first hand the capabilities and quality your company provides to generate your superior style of service or manufacturing.

Show that your company can provide everything your clients could possibly need to promote, manufacture and/or sell their products and services. Use a professional model / tour guide with subtle music overlays or use your top salesperson to “sell” your image/product/plant. Or, for authenticity, have your President direct the tour! (Remember Teri Garr in the movie “Mr. Mom?!”)

AVP has experience in the manufacturing industry!

Presentation will be on Digital Video Disk (DVD) or, for an additional charge, we can stream or webcast it to your website.

Just a few of our videotaping projects …


Bar Mitzvahs

TV Commercials

Business Applications, including

Digital Editing