Big Screen Presentations


Includes screen, speaker, projector rental with a trained, discreet, professional set-up and break down technician

$395 For Photo Montages add $2.50 per photo / $10 per video clip w/ music. AVP can skillfully coordinate, set-up and show your pictures / video clips using our high resolution video projector system on an 8 foot screen. Great for photo montages, video clips, slide presentations. Powerful, entertaining image presentation for weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, milestone birthdays or business / training seminars.

$100 / per hour (1 hour minimum)

May be added to video productions services at your event for a “live simulcast” of dancing, entertainment or additional video presentation Caution: We highly recommend that only a trained professional execute this “performance” as ANY minor mistake can RUIN the entire effect of a special Big Screen Presentation. We guarantee our performance!