Wedding Options

$150 Each

Brides Home Session

Videographer will arrive at the Bride’s home or other specified location before the ceremony to capture magical moments with family and the bridesmaids. Arrival will be 2 hours before ceremony and must be coordinated by the client with the photographer (Overtime may be pre-arranged for $50/ 1/2 hour)

Grooms Home Session

Videographer will arrive at the Groom’s home or other specified location before the ceremony to capture magical moments with family and groomsmen. Arrival will be 2 hours before the ceremony and must be coordinated by the client with the photographer (Overtime may be pre-arranged for $50/ 1/2 hour)

Additional Location

Videographer will go to a third location such as a park, landmark or private home for candid posing and fun between the ceremony and the reception. Amount of time spent at this location is based upon ability to arrive at least 1/2 hour prior to the reception.

Re-Cap Sequence

An edited version of the entire day using only pertinent highlights from your master video. Includes only introductions and pertinent elements w/ music overdubs to show friends and loved ones.

Honeymoon Photo Montage

Up to 50 of your favorite honeymoon photos/travel brochures with music of your choice will be added to the end of your wedding video. A wonderful addition to the Re-Cap option to show friends, family and loved ones. Additional photos @ $2.50 each.

Add these options …



Let people know who the “stars” are with scrolling credits at the end of your video. Available in many colors and fonts w/ music for that special touch. We will also add any thoughts, prayers and thank yous given by the bride and groom listed in their program.

Digital Video Disk (DVD)

3 Included for no charge. Additional copies $35/each

Additional Camera (unattended)

Designed to be set up for a rear or side angle at the ceremony for another view and coverage of the recessional following.

Additional Cameraperson


Recommended for larger weddings of 350+ guests. Also may be added to Basic Advanced #2 package for additional video footage. Clergy must approve prior to service. Includes basic editing or with classic advanced packages.

“A Day in our Life” Love Story


Documentary styled 4 hour session with the Bride & Groom on a faux shopping trip for rings, real estate, bridal/formalwear, lingerie shops. Include a romantic lunch/dinner, a frolic in the woods, park, beach, etc. Interviews with bride and groom separately and together. Old film and video clips may be spliced in. Use after the baby picture introduction on your wedding tape. Approximately 10-15 minutes in length. Great for Big Screens!

Uncle Bob's photos Can you find “Uncle Bob?”

Uncle Bob’s Packages

$50.00 (We were just kidding about identifying poor “Uncle Bob!” But it’s fun to imagine!)


In the event that you have no intention of using professional video services and are using a friend or relative to video, we offer the following package. We will prepare your project with a special effects baby picture introduction and invitation (20 pictures maximum or $2 for each additional photo). We will supply him/her with a simple shot sheet of recommended scenes to be covered. We will then edit music over the photos and recommended scenes upon the return of the video to our studio.

Uncle Bob Failed! – !#$%^&*/

In the event that something went wrong, we will “clean up” your well meaning friend’s video using supplied photos from the wedding and “usable” footage to create a cohesive video.

Wedding Planning

Relax! Let us help with planning your party ….

After consulting with you, we recommend Vendors to make your affair worry free!

Available Wedding Planning Services

Enjoy a worry free day! This service is provided *FREE OF CHARGE* (*Some nominal up-front fee’s may be required to initiate business and necessary deposits*)

Our vendors are the finest, classiest, most professional and proven vendors who have worked together before. We will work with your budget and can help you with:

  • Invitations – Scan sample books to find the perfect invitation for your affair
  • Reception locations – Determined according to ambiance, service, quality of food and budget
  • Decorations – Floral, balloons, gimmicks, hand-outs, party favors, centerpieces and themes
  • Catering – Tailored to your event. These caterers have been proven to us before we recommend them to you. They are  the finest available! Kosher available.
  • Entertainment – The finest DJs, bands, entertainers, magicians, caricature artists, comedians, fun psychics, sports game rentals, and more
  • Photography – Experienced, proven, professional and cordial
  • Video – From Available Video Productions. Make a music video!
  • Rentals – We will work with you in securing special equipment needs
  • On-board Consulting – Our Staff will meet with you 1 week prior to the event to confirm event requirements
  • Day of – We oversee that entire event and check for quality, appearance and timeliness
  • Communications link between vendors and client
  • Meals –  We assure meals are served hot, perfect and on time
  • Sweet table
  • Deal w/ unforeseen problems (i.e. adjusting lighting, room temperature, etc.)
  • Distribute checks and tips to all vendors

We are at your beck and call for all your needs! We make sure your day is worry free!