Legal Depositions, Surveillance & Communications Law

For the Legal Profession & the Judiciary

Video services to the legal professional and juidiciary

A legal deposition may be used when a case is called for trial, and the witness may be deceased, unavoidably engaged elswhere, physically incapacitated, hostile, forgetful or missing. These witnesses may be medical, patent, valuation or handwriting experts, investigators, surveyors, engineers, chemists, government officials, out-of-town, children, or infirm and aging witnesses.

A video deposition is accessible anywhere in the world and frequently costs less than a professional witness would charge to prepare and attend the trial.

Video Depositions may be used for witness swear-in, statements, event re-enactments or mock trials. Video is NOT a substitute for court reporting or notary public functions. Video Depositions in courtrooms are handled by our unobtrusive and professional technician beingsworn-in with respect to case, case number, date and time and then playing back of the deposition on 2-3 television screens for the attorneys, juries and judges to view.

Private Investigation & SurveillanceAvailable Video Productions provides videotaping for legal work

Available Video Productions is experienced in private investigation using discreet hidden cameras, licensed investigators or simple surveilance methods. May be used for the following applications:

  • Workman’s compensation fraud
  • Suspicion of theft
  • Closed Circuit TV (CLTV) rental set-up
  • Surveillance
  • Marital Infidelity
  • Assistance to Government and Police
  • Investigation
  • Underage tavern/cigarette sales using button camera and underage drinker

Just a few of our videotaping projects …


Bar Mitzvahs

TV Commercials

Business Applications, including

Digital Editing