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A young couple in my office was upfront about deciding whether or not to include professional video in their budget.

I asked them to picture themselves owning a film of their grandparent’s wedding day and how much it would mean to them. She replied that her grandparents did indeed hire a professional to record a 16mm film of their wedding.

I offered to buy it from her and asked her for a price. She said, “I could never part with that film, it’s family history and probably the most important thing I will ever own!”

That was precisely the point!

Having a professional wedding video produced will provide joy to your family now and for generations to come!  Cap­ture the romance by investing in a professionally produced wedding video.

Wedding videography


Not only will we video your wedding, but we will partner with you to create the perfect wedding experience – we’re there till the last guest leaves!


Experienced in all business transactions, Available Video Productions can help with legal issues, real estate virtual tours, TV ads and more.
Digital Editing

Digital Editing

We are digital geniuses! We can create photos from videos and vice versa. Call us to see how we can assist you with any computer graphic needs you have.


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